Where Did All My Apps Go? The

I have been working with Apple over the course of the last year to get new versions of my apps approved and offered for sale in the App Store. Apple has engaged in a campaign, over the last year, to reduce the clutter in the App Store. As part of this campaign they started rejecting new versions of similar apps as Spam. This has effected hundreds of thousands of apps, not just mine. I had to make some difficult decisions. I analyzed past sales of all my apps, the number of downloads, and future potential of in app purchases.

A number of apps were popular as Project Organizer, StatusReport 4 , Project Info, and Project Status. I simply picked the app with the most downloads and paid upgrade conversions. Project Organizer had about 100 more downloads than the competing apps so I deleted the other apps from the App Store and submitted another appeal to Apple for approval. Finally after a year and a half a new version of Project Organizer was finally approved by the Apple App Review Team. Project Organizer Pro app available in the App Store as an in app purchase. This version is available as an In App purchase in the free app. For devices running IOS11 the new App Store allows you to make in app purchases directly from the App Store. The process involves downloading a free version of the app and immediately launching an In App purchase in the freshly downloaded app. I deleted about 20 apps.

Other Apps such as Progress Report, PMIS, Good With Names and Bad With Names had hundred or so less downloads but still in the thousands. These apps were all deleted from the App Store as well as the corresponding Pro versions. Project Organizer was enhanced to incorporate all the functionality in all these apps and now accepts export / backup files from any of these apps, as imports. This was necessary to appease Apple’s App Review Panel and still deliver new features like Reminders, Events and Faster Search which I have been developing and using personally over the last year and a half.


Author: larryricker

Project Organizer and Project Organizer Pro schedule reminders, take notes, record minutes of your meetings, track status, record decisions, identify team members and partners and have the answers. Download a copy today on iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store.

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