How to clear your inbox of recruiter emails

I recently googled how to clear inbox of X recruiter emails. It was an interesting read about all the derogatory references to recruiters, but not terribly helpful.

Some ideas:

Search your inbox by state references one at a time and delete all the emails. Most of jobs are concentrated on the east and left coasts so a few quick searches can hit a bulk of them.

“, CA”

“, WA”

“, OR”

“, NV”

“, TX”

“, MN”

“, IL”

There go about 10,000 emails….

Next you can search on Contract, H1B, Full Time

That should clear out a few 1,000

A search for Unsubscribe will probably hit most of the commercial emails.

You get the idea.

After a maybe an hours work you can get your inbox down to the personal emails you actually want to read.

I also use filters and labels as well as email rules to handle the volume of recruiter emails. Hopefully this has been helpful for someone.