Help For Confusion

Are you getting things mixed up?

This may terrify you because you think you are Pre-dementia or possibly getting altheimers.

While this is a possibility, take heart. There are plenty of people that get things mixed up in prominent, well paid positions leading productive lives. If you do not believe me, watch the news, and if you pay attention you will start seeing it. No one is perfect, and the mind is a strange thing. While I do not completely understand it, our society does have names for it like short circuiting, having a brain fart, wires crossed, or having a senior moment. As long as it is just sporadic you should be okay. Some people self diagnose and refer to their condition as ‘CRS’ which refers to ‘can’t remember stuff’. You can substitute ‘stuff’ with you favorite profanity, if you prefer.

Some recommendations, I would like to make, are get more sleep, feed your brain with ‘brain food’, reduce sugar in your diet and reduce alcohol intake. Verify that you are drinking clean water and breathing clean air. Make sure carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels are not too high in your living environment. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector installed near your home heating source. The mind gets slower when it is colder. Wear a hat in the winter to keep all your body heat from escaping out of the top of your head. Another suggestion, that has helped me a lot, is downloading the Project Organizer app for the iPhone and iPad. Download a copy today. Take notes about your “projects”. This can be projects at work, your hobbies or clubs and groups your volunteer with or are a member of. I personally use it for all these things. A project is defined as a short term effort with a definite beginning and end that you can determine when it is “done” or finished. There is no reason you can’t use the Project Organizer for other activities that are less definitive. Take notes. Write down anything you might get mixed up later. Names, dates, events, action items, responsibilities, minutes of meetings, decisions, and technical details that others might mix up later. Then you can use the super fast search or three tiered organization to retrieve the information in the future when you need to “refresh your memory”.

Remember others mix stuff up too. It is refreshing to check you notes before discussing something with someone that you remember correctly and they forgot the final decision. It happens all the time. Better to pick up where you left off than jump down a rabbit hole and re hashing something that is already resolved. Make sure you write down the reasons supporting a decision. That is often an area where confusion arises.

Take it slow. Think before you speak. Think carefully about what you are going to say. And definitely get Project Organizer. If you are anxious lean on your faith to get you through it. If you don’t have faith, go to church, read the Bible starting with the book of John, and develop a faith. It will help you with the anxiety when you can leave your concerns with Jesus or pray and talk to God about it.

I do have one other suggestion, which I invite you to try. I cannot completely explain it, but some people have been helped by this. I would say just try this for a week. if you are able to think clearer and if you get a better nights sleep and feel more rested, you can add this to your daily routine. If not forget about it. Put all your mobile phones in airplane mode or turn them off when you sleep. Unplug your router or turn off your WiFi if you know how. Unplug all your WiFi connected devices like printers and turn off your Bluetooth headsets. If this helps you please comment below.

Another idea I read about in Guerrilla Negotiating is adding cultured dairy products such as yogurt and 🧀 cheese and 🥚eggs to your diet. These were recommended before business meetings to make the mind sharper. But isn’t every day a negotiation?

If nothing else seems to help you may want to visit a doctor. This is not unreasonable. A simple blood test may uncover a deficiency that could be corrected by diet and exercise. Maybe one of your ‘levels’ is off. It is more likely they will give you a prescription. Depending on your convictions you may not want to jump down that rabbit hole. You could always go the supplements route. Millions of people do. I can’t make that decision for you.

Download a copy of Project Organizer today and be the person with the answers.


Author: larryricker

Project Organizer and Project Organizer Pro schedule reminders, take notes, record minutes of your meetings, track status, record decisions, identify team members and partners and have the answers. Download a copy today on iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store.

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