Job Hunt

After I was laid off from my project management position, in 2012, I began developing the Project Organizer App. After I had the initial app working, my current project became “getting a job”. I used the Project Organizer app to keep track of my job submissions, predominantly to test the app.

As I had more and more submissions, I began to realize that the search capabilities were really important. Most of the recruiters that were contacting me at the time had “confidential” positions. I didn’t want to work for a company named “confidential”, so I used to filter these out. I submitted on some of them, but they were generally a waste of time.

Over time I noticed that some of the “confidential” company postings looked similar with some words changed. There were definitely patterns, but not exact matches. I was told by one recruiter that it was my responsibility to verify each job submission. If I was submitted on one opportunity, with two different recruiters, I would automatically be disqualified for the position, and my resume would be thrown out. The Project Organizer application handled this process nicely, through this job search.

After a year and a half, my next contract position ended because a company enforced restriction that contractors could only work for 18 consecutive months, to prevent the appearance that they were actually employees and not contractors from a tax liability perspective. As I started this second job search in 2 years, I decided to create the Job Hunt application to meet the needs of managing this application submission process.

I developed and tested it in an actual job search. After a few months, I took a short term 5 weeks project implementing a custom system. At the end of this programming contract, I was picked up by another contracting company for a longer term contracting position as a developer. This completed my foray into project management and my return to professional software development.

The Job Hunt App will help you with your job search. As you submit on a new position, create an opportunity in the Job Hunt app. When a recruiter sends you an email, create an opportunity in Job Hunt. Click ‘Reply’ in your email app and select ‘Select All’ and then ‘Copy’. Press the home key twice and switch back to the Job Hunt App and touch ‘Opportunity Notes’ and then ‘Description’ and ‘Paste’ the email in the big yellow box. Touch ‘Done’ to save the email. Now it is searchable by any keyword in the email.

Then reply to the email with your resume attached, or better yet call the recruiter on the phone. Interacting through the Linked In App is nice because it tracks conversations and provides background information and contact information for the recruiter. As your engagement on the opportunity progresses, cut and paste everything into the Job Hunt App. Record every name, every phone number, every email address, and every title. Copy and Paste the signature lines of emails from the recruiters, interviewers, and other contacts to facilitate following up on the career opportunity.

When the recruiter asks you your rate, record it in the Job Hunt App. When you negotiate terms take notes. This is a negotiation. You have to remember your past conversations. Recruiters talk to many candidates and you are talking to many recruiters. They mix up candidates, be ready for this and make sure you get what you want. Many times the terms are fluid and negotiable and can change as the process continues. If you remember your terms and past concessions you will be in a better place to negotiate well. Taking notes is important. Be prepared. Download Job Hunt or Job Hunt Pro today.


Author: larryricker

Project Organizer and Project Organizer Pro schedule reminders, take notes, record minutes of your meetings, track status, record decisions, identify team members and partners and have the answers. Download a copy today on iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store.

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